WORKSHOP 1: Create your digital design style!

This workshop focuses on developing your personal design skills using programs like Photoshop or Illustrator. These programs have many tools and sometimes they can be overwhelming but with my help you can experiment and create your own designs in no time.

Focusing on your personal goal I will guide you through the tools and teach you cool design techniques and tricks. I will share with you what I have learned over a period of 20 years as a digital designer working for many agencies and organizations.

You will learn how to make original digital designs for your brand, company or for your own interest. The designs you create can be used for your website, print, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or other social media platforms. In this workshop I help you to achieve your goals, creating designs which are uniquely yours.

So let’s start : ) We will begin with design experiments because every creative process is a playful game where mistakes can lead to the most beautiful designs.

Read more about this workshop below.


A short introduction to present what you do or wish to create
A step by step explanation of Photoshop or Illustrator
How to manipulate found images and your own photos
How to draw and experiment within the program
How to play with masks, colors and color filters
How to make a good design layout
How to create good typography in your design
Learning which design techniques and tricks you need
How to apply your designs on social platforms or your website
Homework assignments to speed up the learning process

Workshop Price: 395 euro (excl. VAT)

4 workshop days of 4 hours each
you will learn how to create your own Digital Design with the software you need. The workshop is for starters and people with basic design skills.

Workshop available in Dutch and English. Are you ready? SignUp

For private lessons I will get in contact with you to get clear how many personal lessons you need and what the price is.

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WORKSHOP 2: Making your WordPress website!

Do you want to create your own design portfolio or business website with an inspiring brand look or impressive design layout? It’s all possible with one of the most used website platforms called WordPress.

I will arrange your WordPress setup so you can directly work on your website layout that suits your product, service or designs. Attracting the visitor!


Price: 395 euro (excluding VAT)

Within 4 workshop days of 4 hours each you will learn the how to work with WordPress as a tool to make you visible online. Workshop available in Dutch and English. Interested? Subscribe

Interested to create your WordPress website
and want to get to work? Or do you have a question?
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WORKSHOP 3: Turning the mind into music!

Thoughts can circle on in our minds or can be translated into drawings, images or text. To understand these drawings, images or text we use our eyes and brain. But what happens if you translate your thoughts into music.

Music has the power to give you emotional energy. It can make you dance or can make you sad in no time. Music is a frequency (sound wave) that directly involves the whole emotion of the body. Within this workshop we will experiment with this concept. Letting you discover your personal thought in your own music or soundtrack.

Workshop available in Dutch and English.



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