For a while now I have been experimenting with photography ( pictures frozen in time ) and soundscapes. The question that intrigues me is: How does sound influence the story and the mood of the “static” picture? Or how do we as viewer experience the photo with music to get a deeper understanding what is really there and what is not? Creating a personal story with our emotions and fictional mind.

We all have a brain filled with time framed experiences of life. A library of emotional images resulted from our upbringing and childhood experiences. Based on this we develop our personal thoughts, emotions, social and cultural behavior and expectations. We use these emotional images to reflect and respond to people and adept to situations but also to inspire ourselves to create stories. With the use of sound I, try to amplify your personal emotions within a photo and to inspire viewers, focused in a gaze.

 This soundtracks is called – GOODBYE – and was inspired by a photo of Henry Cartier-Bresson.


Mythologies are centuries old stories that tell us about being human and our human nature. They give us wisdom. Mythes explain our shortcomings and struggles that we experience in life concerning love, power, politics, jealousy, rituals, loss etc. These old stories and their meanings are being repeated in television series like The Bold and Beautiful.

For the Art Rocks contest I have chosen the painting from Peter Paul Rubens about Achilles being killed by Paris. A painting that is close to me and therefore gave me inspiration to compose a music piece that lets the listener experience the painting with sound. A soundscape narrative focusing on love, power and loss… 




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