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Voluteers Central Amsterdam

VCA created a workshop for amateur photographers in Amsterdam called ZOOMLAB. In this way the participants could learn how to become photographers from a professional photographer and get experience by making photos on live invents organised by different volunteer groups. From big sport events to small neighbourhood volunteer’s parties, from bingo with elderly people, homeless people to volunteers at the animal-ambulance. Making volunteers work more visible and providing volunteers organisations good events photos.

To present the result of the 6 months’ course we made the VCI – Volunteers Cinema Installation. A cinema box presenting the work of the amateur photographers and sharing it with people so they could get motivated to become a volunteer as well. How? Simple.. by creating an environment, for young and old, where they connect with each other by being close to another. Motivating people to talk to each other about what they see and think about volunteer’s work.

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Did you know that 39% of the people living in Amsterdam do volunteer work? That is more then 320.000 people. Become one of them. Volunteer work is essential!

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Our challenge was to make a mobile installation that could be easily built up and moved to different locations within a limited budget. Sometimes difficult but thinking about these challenging assignment processes is what we love.

With the installation came all sorts of design elements. We created a ZOOMLAB carpet, ZOOM IN CINEMA logo, different postcards and the postcard stand, a video and sound effect which was played inside the installation with a small beamer, electronic parts, stickers and a clear manual how to construct and deconstruct the mobile installation.

This mobile installation travelled for a year through Amsterdam on different locations.

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