Zien is Geloven


The installation DEAD LINKS, TWO WORLDS was created for the exposition ZIEN IS GELOVEN (Seeing is Believing) at the Mozes & Aäronkerk church in Amsterdam.

As we know a prayer is a personal link/connection to God in the world of religion. In the 1990s a ‘new’ world called cyberspace came into existence. A gigantic network of computers connected within the world wide web. Here a hyperlink is the essence of every website that connects us.

These two worlds, the world of religion and the world of cyberspace, are brought together in my installation with the use of dead links. Creating an environment for visitors to experience these two worlds in one.

When we browse or use internet we are sometimes confronted with hyper-links that are not working and lead us to dead ends. To connect the world of religion and the world of cyberspace I ritually gave a specific dead link peace and a resting place. HOW? By giving visitors the ability to find a dead link online and getting in contact with me so I could arrange a ritual ceremony. Making a hologram of the dead link and giving it a resting place in a church chosen by the visitor. A photo with the hologram was mailed to the visitor.

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Do you have a dead hyperlink that is personal to you? A dead link that has a place in your heart. We arrange a special ritual for you to give your dead link a resting place and peace.

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