Battle of confusion

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Installation showed at Nemo Amsterdam
– Night of the Nerds

Check out the video here


At the festival Into the Great Wide Open, Night of the Nerds (Nemo Amsterdam) and Cultural Sunday: Dance and movement (Groningen) we presented our Battle of Confusion installation. A special “battle” where two participants use their sense of touch and body as a “human interface” to make a composition of sounds. Creating together an abstract symphony.

The installation consists of two Kinect 3D cameras that track people’s movement in real-time. Hereby sending 3D movement information to Max/Msp and Ableton to activated all sorts off collected samples. Letting the visitors explore their gestures transformed into a composition of experimental sounds.

960x960 sound of shadows 04
960x960 battle of confusion 03

The framework was created to give people an interface to work in. When participants moved their hands, sound was generated. Also sound effects where generated when participants moved their hands from left to right and to the front and back of the frame. We connected sounds to arms, hands, head and legs so there was a wide range of sound gesture experimentations.

There were two frameworks so two participants could play at the same time creating a ‘battle’ of experimental sounds.

960x960 battle of confusion 01

When we presented the installation, we gave a small workshop to students on how we worked and which technologies we used. Involving the audience what new technologies can do, how to play with it and how to create a different approach to “human sounds behavior”.

For the Cultural Sunday Groningen: Dance and movement however we used another setup. We set up a range of speakers in a circle to create a surround sound experience. When participants moved their hands, arms, head or legs a narrative story was heard by their movements and gestures.

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