This installation was created to examine the role of the visitor within an art environment, using technical media. I confronted visitors to make them aware how technical media can manipulate us in what we believe and think about ourselves as individuals. The visitor shifts from the viewer role to a participation role by being projected in the window installation room. Being part of the installation in the now!

The windows explain our physical reality and the projected image, that created a visual hologram between the windows, signify the ‘resurrection’ of the visitors image.. the self. Hereby realizing a Droste effect within the environment where the artist steps back and a discussion is unfolded about what is happening.


“Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will understand. Step back and I will act”


alien participation installation expo3 960x960
alien participation installation expo photo 01


When people entered the room their attention was trigger by a sound and a vague image presented on an iPad screen. Looking at the screen the face of the visitor was recorded for 6 seconds with a face recognition program. These recorded images where stored in a database and were sent to a beamer which projected the face of the visitor for a short amount of time within the installation. Confronting the visitor with his own face when he or she stepped into the window room. Hereby shifting the “passive” visitor to a participator.

ALIEN filosofy

“The technical media are media of resurrection, or what today we would call re-enactment.”

alien participation installation expo4 960x960
alien participation installation expo photo 03


Participators walked through the window room to examine what was going on. Giving them from one side a droste view, from the other side the windows view and between the windows a strong virtual image (hologram) that was created by calculating a specific distance and a projection trick.

(I had an interesting talk with a man who did magic and wanted to know the trick)

alien participation installation expo photo 02

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