MAx/Msp workshop

From January up to March 2011 I organized a Max/Msp workshop in collaboration with Mark IJzerman and Robin Koek at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Two MAx/Msp teachers who were at that time graduating at the HKU, department Composition and Music Production. We invited students from the Rietveld but also artist that were already working in the field, creating a interesting group with different background in dance, “classical” music, installation and media art.

The first three workshop days were focused on MAx/Msp theory, understanding and learning the basics of the program. After these three days we invited artists with there already made tools and sound-toys which were created with MAx/Msp to present to the group and inspire them. From here the students had to think what they would like to achieve with the learned MAx/Msp skills and present there own ideas to the class. The last three workshop days were focused on these new student projects. Different collaborations and projects started in the workshop, all under the supervision of the two teachers who helped the students achieve there goals. On the last days interesting projects were presented to the class.

Mark IJzerman made a video impression (raw footage) of the six workshop days.

Organizing a MAx/Msp workshop

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