Relocate Yourself


We designed and build an user friendly webshop for RelocateYourself with a custom made back-end software portal. Clients can easily buy credits and choose their specific relocation package that suits them best. All in a simple process to get the best client service possible.

Relocate Yourself aims to be a leading, foremost innovative relocation platform. A single point of contact, providing a world-wide, cost-effective relocation solution for relocation consultancies and their relocating clients. They define a D.I.Y. relocation culture that makes the relocating individual and their accompanying family members central to their relocation process. They provide the relocation consultancies that deploy the custom portal software.



For every client we make custom visual website elements. On the RelocateYourself website we focused on icons and the special designed packages to give a better visual understanding what a customer is buying. In this way the website gets an own look and feel that fits the character of the company.


This is a unique website which will require a more modern browser to work!

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