How does technique control man and man control technique?

Battle of Confusion is an interactive sound-sculpture that creates connections between visitors, modern technique and the environment where the visitors are standing. It is a media-installation that connects the physical and virtual world through movement and sound. Battle of Confusion challenges you to a physical and auditory perception, where two visitor experiment and try to compose a musical or sound-scape that influence and affect the atmosphere they are in. What’s unique is that this media-installation takes place in real time and the human body literally acts as an interface.

We use two Kinect camera’s, Ableton with Max for Live and two frames to calibrate. The Max for Live patches will be available on are “Battle of Confusion” website. Please check:

The installation was realized for the festival “Into the great wide Open” and later updated for the “Night of the Nerds” festival in Amsterdam and “Cultural Sunday: Dance and Movement” in Groningen.

Installation “Battle of Confusion”

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