This installation was created to examine the role of the visitor within an art environment, using technical media. In this way also confronting and making us aware how technical media can manipulate us in what we believe and think about ourselves as individuals. The visitor shifts from the viewer role to a participation role by being projected in a room full of windows and other participators. Being part of the installation in the now!

The windows stand for reality and the projected image, that created a visual hologram between the windows and a droste effect, stand for the ‘resurrection’ of the visitors image.. the self. Creating an environment where the artist steps back and a discussion is unfolded about what is really happening.


“Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will understand. Step back and I will act”



When people entered the room their attention was trigger by a sound and a vague image presented on an iPad screen. Looking at the screen the face of the visitor was recorded for 6 seconds with a face recognition program. These recorded images where stored in a database and were sent to a beamer which projected the face of the visitor for a short amount of time within the installation. Confronting the visitor with his own face when he or she stepped into the window room. Hereby shifting the “passive” visitor to a participator.

ALIEN filosofy

“The technical media are media of resurrection, or what today we would call re-enactment.”


Participators walked through the window room to examine what was going on. Giving them from one side a droste view, from the other side the windows view and between the windows a strong virtual image (hologram) that was created by calculating a specific distance and a projection trick.

(I had an interesting talk with a man who did magic and wanted to know the trick : )


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