What about me…

After graduating in the analogue world of graphic prepress back in 1994 I started to develop my skills at the Graphic Designer study in Eindhoven and Rotterdam. From there I stepped in the digital world and tried to be a digital native, working at different advertising agencies and design departments like Kontrast in Rotterdam and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Hague. Modelling the creative brain I decided to create my own company called _blank in 2006, to focus more on my own designs, concepts and creativity with a network of other designers, scriptures, animators, film makers, architects, VJ’s & DJ’s and 3D designers.

With this background and my foundation of creative freelancers in Amsterdam Noord I work as an interaction designer, graphic designer and create concepts. From logo’s, corporate identities, books, annual reports, brochures, posters & flyers, banners, functional/interaction design, open source websites, web-shops, apps, web videos, animations, photo’s etc. till campaigns. Goal is to realise a visual strong identity that creates curiosity, attracts and communicates the message. It fits and shows the character of a company, cultural and non commercial organization. Starting from blank.

Besides _blank I work as a freelance interaction designer and art director for big and small advertising agencies in Amsterdam.

But there is always an itch, a curiosity that wants to dive deeper. So I started in 2007 at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy (DOGtime) in Amsterdam where I learned and explored concepts, media and art. In 2012 I successfully graduated at the Rietveld Academy, department Unstable media / interactive design and was nominated for the HOT100  (best graduation students 2012) with my installation “Alien”and my thesis.

Working as an interaction designer and graphic designer I focus on new media and media installations, teaching, creating tech workshops and researching media theory.


Educations / Courses

2012 – Graduated at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy,
department Unstable Media & Interactive design
2011 – 4th year Gerrit Rietveld Academy/ MaxMsp course
2010 – 3rd year Gerrit Rieveld Academy/ Arduino course
2009  2nd year Gerrit Rietveld Academy/ Final Cut Pro course
2008 – Painting course
2008 – After Effects course
2007 – Start of five year art academy DOGtime at the
Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam
2006 – Half year course serigraphs / Half year course goldsmiths
2005 – Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 Webediting course
2004 – Transition from QuarkXpress to InDesign course
2002 – Web design & HTML course
1999 – 2000 Final year Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam,
Diploma Graphic Designer
1996 – 1999 Graphic Lyceum Eindhoven,
certificate Graphic Designer 1st, 2nd and 3rd year
1992 – 1994 Graphic Lyceum Eindhoven, certificate K.M.B.O. 1st year
1991 – 1992 Graphic Lyceum Eindhoven, certificate O&S
(Orientation and Switch)

Me and media…

The question that I keep coming back to in my work is what new media does and how our conscience responds to these audio visual contexts. I look at day-to-day social situations that are considered normal, but include invisible or imperceptible processes where media plays a manipulative role. My examinations focus around the idea that people increasingly view the world through media. The examinations that I use as my inspiration are implemented in my installation in the form of interactive engaging processes. It comes down to creating an open process within the work, which allows the viewer to participate. As such the installation itself is not necessarily the focal point, the responses and input of the participants is what is central to the work. In this manner I want to create a confrontation between de media and the participant, in which their response and relation to the process becomes apparent to themselves and others. Within this strenuous balance I create experience, discussion, awareness and re-experience.

“Tell me and I will forget.
Show me and I will remember.
Involve me and I will understand.
Step back and I will act.”



2012 – Installation: Battle of Confusion_ “Cultural Sunday: Dance and Movement” Groningen.
2012 – Installation: Alien_ Graduation show Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amterdam
2011 – Installation: Battle of Confusion_ “Night of the Nerds” at Nemo Amsterdam
2011 – Media art: Dead Links: Two worlds_ Exhibition “Zien is geloven” Mozes and Aäron Church Amsterdam
2011 – Installation: Shadows of the Great Wide Open_ Music festival “Into the Great wide Open” Vlieland
2010 – Participation performance/hack: Becoming ANT_ Exhibition “Theatre of Proofs” Trouw gebouw Amsterdam

Worked at & Working on

2013 – Workshop organiser at Loft der Zotheid: Ableton, Max/MPS, tech sensor course etc.
2013 –
Teacher at ArtEZ for the Blog&Website course
2013 –
New collective at the Damrak in Amsterdam with various creative professionals, combining our skills
from 2007 –
My company _blank and as a freelance designer for:
Roorda Advertising, Media Republic, Fitzroy, N=5, Being There, Euro RSCG, BeyenMeyer, Veldhovengroup
2005 / 2006 –Kontrast Kommunikatie
2002 / 2005 – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2002 –De Wit Passet Coppenhagen
2001 / 2002 –Truelogix
2000 –Ministry of Agriculture

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